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A vaccine is a treatment which makes the body stronger against a particular infection. The body’s immune system fights infections and is made up of millions upon millions of cells.

Vaccines are like a training course for the immune system. They prepare the body to fight a disease without exposing it to the disease symptoms. When germs such as bacteria or viruses enter the body, the immune cells respond by producing antibodies. Antibodies then systematically kill off the germs.

Vaccines help the body to develop immunity without getting sick first. Vaccines are made from the same germs (or parts of them) that cause the disease; for example, polio vaccine is made from polio virus. But the germs in vaccines are either killed or weakened so they won’t make you sick.

Currently there are vaccines available against a variety of infections and new ones are constantly being developed.

We conduct research studies involving vaccines to see if they are safe to use and to see if they are effective against a specific infection.

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We are currently recruiting patients and healthy volunteers to participate in clinical research studies at our clinic. If you are a healthy volunteer or would like assistance in finding the right study for you, please join our Volunteer Mailing List by filling out the Volunteer List form and we will contact you when new studies are available.

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