FARMOVS is a South African specialty full service clinical research organization that conducts ICHGCP compliant Phase I to III clinical trials. The FARMOVS’ competitive advantage is its wealth of Bioequivalence and Phase I experience and expertise, patient recruitment success and a clinical research facility with the only on-site ISO accredited and GLP certified bioanalytical laboratory on the African continent.

Since 1974, FARMOVS has successfully managed and conducted more than 3,000 clinical trials for clients across the globe ranging from small biotechs to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The FARMOVS team offers the full spectrum of clinical research services and comprises 160 full-time employees with extensive experience and expertise.

We are a team of experts dedicated to your journey to market.


To create a sustainable Clinical Research Hub in central South Africa that will pursue delivery of quality research knowledge for the region, continent and globe to benefit patients today and in the future.


Unite Academic and Therapeutic Leadership with Clinical Research and Business Management Expertise


We believe the world will be a healthier place if the journey between science and new treatments are made simpler.

Mission Objectives

Sustainable business model

Research at UFS Faculty of Health Science

Optimize Patient Benefit from Clinical Trials

National Contributor to Clinical Research

Contribute to UFS’s Academic Outputs


People Focus
Everything we do is for people, with people and through people. We strive to impact the health of patients today, for tomorrow, one patient at a time

We are committed to make a difference, to always be reliable; to find solutions, to empower people and to be focused on inclusivity

Integrity and Honesty
Through a culture of accountability, we do what’s right and demand honesty

FARMOVS aims to ensure the quality and integrity of the data and protect subject safety

Regulatory Inspections