FARMOVS Vacancies

The following temporary position is available:

Job Title: Temp Phlebotomist

Closing Date: 17 July 2020

Job Purpose:

Execution of studies according to clinical study protocol, South African and ICH GCP Guidelines and SOP’s.  Collection and provision of biological material for use at the Bioanalytical Services Division (BASD). Recruitment, screening and collection of urine, blood and other matrix from donors, as well as the preparation of plasma for use at BASD by acting in consultation and collaboration with the Study Manager of BASD in the execution of all aspects related to the collection, preparation and delivery of matrix and normal plasma for use at the laboratories of BASD.

Job Qualifications:

A qualification as Registered Nurse, with registration at the South African Nurses Council or a qualified medical technologist registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Two years’ post-diploma experience working as a trained nurse or as medical technologist

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Please contact us for any HR related queries:

Sandra Gregory (Head of HR)
+27 51 410 3078

Lee-Anne Reineke
+27 51 410 3253

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